Monday, January 27, 2014

Scandinave Spa

At -18°C (or 0°F)  I never thought I'd being going to an outdoor spa. But the Le Scandinave Spa outside of the beautiful ski village Collingwood is unlike anything I'd ever been to. Going to an outdoor spa was number 70 on my list of 101, and it took relaxation to another level. 

A friend and I travelled up to this little ski town a few hours north to enjoy their five different baths (I'd call them pools) heated to three different temperatures: cooling, hot, and thermal. 

Rather than just sitting and smell nail polish, this spa actively gets you involved in detoxifying your body and makes you do a little bit of work. 


Get in the hot or thermal bath for 15 minutes (open pores).
Get out.
Dunk yourself in a bath a third of the temperature of the previous one (close pores).
As soon as the receptionist explained the "routine" I was ready to head back to the car. My pores didn't need opening and closing. But the enticing view of the baths had me.

Plus, Le Scandinave also has "relaxation rooms" to go into after this polar dip. And a sauna,  eucalyptus steam room, and fire pits. 

I soaked up every inch of this place. Even the steam room for all of 30 seconds. Until I needed to breath again.

Despite my disbelief that this crazy routine would do anything to my pores, my skin feels incredible and looks even better. Alright insane polar dip rinse and repeat, you work. Number 70 complete...and can be repeated anytime please. 

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